Participation, commitment and improvement form the basis for NAL's successful Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System.

Safety is integrated into all aspects of our business. At NAL, management, front-line workers and contractors all have a role in maintaining a safe work environment. Everyone plays a part in ensuring the NAL HSE Management System continues to evolve and proactively protect people.

We have committed to our workers, industry associations and the public to maintain a safe work environment and protect communities. NAL management and staff support worker safety by assessing hazards, reporting incidents and implementing precautionary measures every day. The NAL Emergency Response Plan outlines how we will protect the public, environment and workers in the event of an emergency situation.

NAL’s senior management recognizes the importance of safety by:

  • Setting the tone and direction;
  • Allocating appropriate resources towards the continuous improvement of HSE initiatives and programs;
  • Being visible by visiting front-line workers at drilling and production operations, gas plants, and facilities to discuss HSE related initiatives;
  • Supporting HSE initiatives and development of safety standards.

Improvement & Awards
Continuous improvement of our safety management system is paramount at NAL. We set annual safety priorities, participate in yearly safety audits, complete worksite evaluations and discuss opportunities for improvement on a regular basis. An award system is in place that recognizes exceptional effort and ideas resulting in a safer, healthier workplace and improved protection of the natural environment.