NAL is committed to the highest standards of ethical, moral, and legal business conduct. As an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Manulife, new and continuing employees, officers and directors are required to follow Manulife’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. NAL’s Whistleblower Policy allows any director, officer, employee, contractor, or stakeholders to submit their concerns to NAL’s management who can address them properly. Individuals that would rather remain anonymous may wish to contact NAL’s external ethics hotline.

NAL’s reporting hotline is managed by EthicsPoint Inc.; an independent third-party that provides NAL with the details of complaints while maintaining the anonymity of individuals who submit information to them. The Board of Directors conducts investigations into all concerns or complaints.

EthicsPoint Inc.

Telephone: 866-ETHICSP (866-384-4227)

Internet address:

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